Origin 5 • Adjuntas, Puerto Rico
Origin 5 • Adjuntas, Puerto Rico
Origin 5 • Adjuntas, Puerto Rico
Origin 5 • Adjuntas, Puerto Rico
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Origin 5 • Adjuntas, Puerto Rico

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Origin: Adjuntas, Puerto Rico
Variety: Caturra, Typica, Limani
Elevation: 2,200 feet
Farm: Portillo
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Toffee
About this Coffee:
This delectable top-quality batch was harvested in an estate owned and operated by Juan Melendez, who is perhaps Adjuntas most famous emerging specialty-coffee farmer; with the single most modern coffee processing facility in the vicinity of Portillo.
The crew grows several varieties on this land and is actively engaged with processing experiments as well. Their farming is meticulous, scientific, curious, and giving: providing neighbors and farm workers space in his nursery, along with seedlings, so that they can develop plots of their own.
Exploring the plantation is quite the experience, we personally go to get lost in the landscape and happily hand-pick this coffee. Once the coffee is in our facility we roast it following a roasting curve that enhances the sweet notes of cocoa nibs that's become so distinctive, reminiscing of dark chocolate and toffee; remarkable body and aftertaste.